Mixtra Travel provides travel, accommodation, guides, transfers and tour services by our company to all guests travelling to Turkey who chose Mixtra Travel as their preferred supplier.

Charter Flights

Mixtra Travel offers cheaper airfares through our charter flight quotas.


Mixtra Travel and its transfer department ensure a safe and reliable transfer between the airport and your hotel booked. In addition, we also offer special private and VIP transfers.

Overnight stay

Mixxtra Travel offers different concept Hotels and accommodation facilities, making it easier for you to choose what suits your needs best.

Professional Guiding

The best way of getting to know a different culture is by having a professional tour guide pass on their knowledge and thus bring the culture to life. MixtraTravel also offers a guiding consultancy option for individuals and groups of all sizes.

Holiday Advice

Mixxtra Travel Travel can advise and inform about any questions that may arise about current or future travel plans.

Travel Insurance

We protect your holiday with our travel insurance against all eventualities.